Think Like the MCAT Series: CARS Full-Length 1

8 Passage + Detailed Video Explanations

Proudly Presents the Think Like the MCAT Series

The Next Generation of CARS Prep

What makes TLTM different?

These passage texts are adapted from the exact same original sources as the official AAMC passages, allowing us to simulate the writing styles seen in AAMC CARS to a never-before-seen degree.

How should I use TLTM?

You should use these passages first and foremost to develop your CARS logic and reasoning skills. Think of TLTM as a learning tool rather than an assessment tool. You can take them as practice CARS full-length sections, or independent passages.

What does TLTM included?

8 CARS passages with all-new passage adaptations, questions, and answers, with both text and video explanations.

Videos include “Think Like The MCAT” tips on general CARS strategy as well!

How does TLTM compare to others?

100% of the 30+ students who received pre-release access to Think Like The MCAT reported it to be the most representative CARS practice they’ve ever seen – it really is that good!

When should I use TLTM?

Because these passages are adapted from the same source texts as the AAMC materials, we recommend completing both of the AAMC CARS Question Packs before starting TLTM.

Why did you create TLTM?

We know that the CARS section of the MCAT is often the toughest, and that there is still a need for more AAMC-representative CARS passages. TLTM fills that void – join your future physician colleagues in learning to Think Like The MCAT!

What 2020 Students Are Saying About TLTM:

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