PROPRIETARY INFORMATION AND NON-COMPETE: Student understands that all materials, methods, publications, software programs, all content displayed by or contained within any software program, all instruments and any other items—oral, written, audiovisual, or otherwise—constitute proprietary information owned solely by Testing Solutions LLC. and as such cannot be reprinted, used, shared, distributed or disseminated in any way whatsoever without express written consent from Testing Solutions LLC.. In consideration of access to the above described, Student agrees to not write, edit or publish MCAT preparation materials, or to tutor, teach, or otherwise engage in employment, or independent contract work, of any kind whatsoever with any Testing Solutions LLC. competitor, or to be self-employed in any such activities related to MCAT tutoring or test preparation, for a period of two (2) years from the date of his or her last interaction as a Student or Tutor in any Testing Solutions LLC. program.

RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE: Testing Solutions LLC. reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason. If at any time Student is deemed by Testing Solutions LLC. staff to be disruptive to the program, abusive to other students, or is otherwise interfering with the smooth operation of the program, Testing Solutions LLC. may dismiss the student without a refund or any additional recourse.

SEVERABILITY: If any portion, clause, or subsection of these terms and conditions is deemed by an arbiter or court of law to be invalid or unenforceable, such ruling shall not in any way limit the validity and enforceability of any other clause within this agreement.

COMPLETE AGREEMENT: These terms and conditions represent the complete agreement between Testing Solutions LLC. and Student. No other agreements, oral, written, implied, or otherwise, exist between these parties.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: By clicking the “Agree” button and proceeding with checkout you are electronically signing your name to this agreement and agreeing to abide by all of the terms and conditions described herein.

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