I have never heard of Testing Solutions, LLC. Why should I trust you?

Well… that’s a fair question. First with the apparent, we are not a big company. The truth is though that we really don’t want to be. The bigger you are, the more money you have to bring, the higher your prices go, the more attention you pay to marketing to bring in the bigger profits you need to keep a roof over your head and the less attention you pay to putting out an incredibly high quality product at as low a cost as possible.

businessman hand pushing solution buttonSo…if you are expecting a mega corporation (Kaplan, Princeton Review, Exam Krackers, etc.) that will charge you thousands of dollars based on their big fancy name alone for their mediocre at best MCAT prep materials, you are definitely looking in the wrong place. (“By definitely looking in the wrong place”, we mean, turn off your kindle and delete this book, because we are not what you are looking for.) We are not a big company and we never plan to be. We are a small company putting out what we believe to be the highest quality verbal practice materials on the market at a fair and reasonable price.

There is an aphorism that says, “If you are doing whatever one else is doing. It’s time to change.” We believe this to especially be true concerning your preparations for the MCAT. The masses blindly follow the fancy color posters, uninformed advice of their pre-med advisers, and general herd mentality common on forums and in pre-med clubs into spending literally thousands of dollars on products that the most elite students don’t even look twice at. Go to the Student Doctor Network, the largest pre-med online community in the world, and you will quickly see that the students scoring 34+ on the MCAT are not using the big names. Plain and simple, the most commonly used MCAT prep materials are the most expensive, the lowest quality and ultimately least effective in helping you achieve the score you want/need to achieve your goals. If these companies were doing it right (namely putting out high quality material at a fair price) we wouldn’t have trudged into the test prep market in the first place! This sad state of affairs motivated us at Testing Solutions to action; to do something better.

solutions_puzzle_pieceWe founded Testing Solutions, LLC on two bedrock principles: 1.) MCAT practice materials can do better, in fact much better in terms of their ability to mirror the real MCAT. 2.) It’s time large prep companies stop profiteering off of the fears and insecurities of pre-meds who are working their hardest to unlock their dreams of becoming doctors. We believe that in the case of the former, the materials currently available simply don’t get the job done and in the case of the latter, its simply plain wrong.

Every high achieving student must face their version of  the test” at some point in their academic careers.  It simply is no longer an option to simply walk in and take the test cold.  Those who do find themselves with no acceptances come the following fall and spring.  Don’t be that person.  The team at Testing Solutions has worked for over the last year and a half developing the highest quality practice tests, quizzes, and review lessons available.  We have taken our time analyzing each and every question that has ever been released by the AAMC and ETS respectively, making sure its form, style, and content were matched perfectly in our modeling of the exams.  

In a closed market survey, 95% of those surveyed, who had recently taken the “real thing,” reported that our practice tests were highly representative of those administered by the AAMC and ETS. We cater to the student who desires to achieve an ultra high test score and who expects nothing less of their test prep material than they expect of themselves.

Don’t wait any longer.  Take a look around, kick the tires, and try us out for yourself.  You can download a free practice test, or take our online classroom for a spin free.  It’s a good day, You’ve just found your test prep solution. Testing Solutions, the key to unlocking your future.

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